Arno Selection vol1
Arno Selection vol1
Arno selection vol 1:


Jonah Dan "Meditation Rock" (Inner sanctuary Records 10'' )
Diggory Kenrick "The Lion Flute" (Coptic Lion 7'')
Sylford Walker "Jah Golden Pen"(Version Gibbs And The Professionnal) ( Gibbs 7")
Prince Alla "Funeral"(Rythm Soul Syndicate Version) (Alaba 7")
Earl Zero " Please Officer" ( Fat Man 7")
Larry Marshall "It Dread In Rome" (Amanda 7")
Freddie Mcgregor "Jah Can Count on I " (Observer 7")
Ghetto Connection "Strugglers Time" (Dub Irator 7")
Lopez Walker "Take Heed"  (Shakara 7")
Freddie Mckay "Nah Mek It Look So" (Earthquake 7")
Freddie Mckay " Take My Hand Oh (Jah)"( Yah Congo 12")
Carlton Livingston "Miss Know It All" (Midnight Rock 7")
Don Carlos " Mr Sun " (Volano 7")
Michael Palmer "Different Strokes" (tas'ha Records 7")
Roman Stewart " Casanova" (Rockers 7")
Locksley Castell " Love in Your Heart" (Rockers 7")
Barrington Levy "The Winner" (12" Version) (Pressure Sounds LP)
Robert Lee "Too Much War" (Log On 7")
Martin Campbell & Hi Tech Roots Dynamics " Remove The Barrier" (Log On 10")
Courtney Melody "No Darkness" (Chopper productions  7")
Alton Black "Reunited" (Chopper productions  7")

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