Compilation Artists HipHop Jazz // H.M.D
Compilation Artists HipHop Jazz // H.M.D

Nouvelle compilation de 20 titres d'artistes signé H.M.D , bonne écoute // 

01.Due Time / Andre Balboa
02.I'd Like to Know / J-Brown and The Mic Smith
03.Madness (Ft. Angela Mayo) / Puget
04.Deferred Dream / Ensilence
05.Just Another Casualty / Signal Flow
06.Cali (N)tuition ft. Iman Europe, JG, Young Dub / Kahlil
07.The Move / LowBred Crew
08.From Time to Time (produced by Pajozo) (Sweden) / Charmingly Ghetto
09.In the Moment / Me
10.Patience (Prod. By Beezy) / Hue Jane
11.City Girl / Molina with Diles
12.Kids In Love Ft. Brittany Trueack / Allday
13.Love is Blind (Prod. by Kai Roberts) / Kai Roberts
14.Snowy Day / Markit & Boyill
15.Until The End Of Time (Feat. iMHi) / Ray Dan Chung x Friends
16.Clear Mind feat. Dtayls / soul sun Emcee
17.DaDaDaDaDaDa ft. Hillary Capps / Down a Third
18.Fly Away (Prod. by Story) / Alex Chadwick of 3rd Brillyance
19.Chasing Pavements (Produced By DviousMindZ) / B Magic
20.Show Me What You Got / Bryce Bowden

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